Enabled by Design, FutureGov, Neon Tribe and Social Spider have joined forces to work with young people to design and develop Doc Ready, a technology based tool to support young people to get the most out of mental health related GP visits.

As a partnership we have an extensive knowledge and experience that includes user-centred service design, technology development, change management and a deep understanding of young people’s experiences accessing mental health services. We strongly believe, and are committed to ensuring that these technology products will improve the mental health and well-being of young people

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Who are the project partners?

Enabled by Design (EbD) is a social business and community of people who are passionate about Design for All. They believe that good design can support people to live as independently as possible by helping to make day-to-day tasks that little bit easier.

EbD was inspired by founder Denise Stephens’ experiences as a result of multiple sclerosis (MS). EbD works with individuals and organisations to understand new ways of creating services and products that meet the needs of the user.

EbD see Doc Ready as a digital tool that will help young people to find their way through complex information and potentially daunting processes while maintaining their independence. They want to design, develop and grow these tools with the young people involved in the Innovation Labs process, and with younger members from their own community.


FutureGov is a technology, design and change management consultancy and will provide overall project management, design, marketing and business planning. FutureGov also has extensive experience in scoping, incubating and launching digitally enabled social purpose projects in partnership with the social entrepreneurs themselves. They’ve also worked with young people on a number of projects that include Google’sInteractivism event.


Neontribe are an experienced web-development company who put users at the centre of the design and development process. They will provide the technical resource to build these products.

Neontribe have developed a range of successful web and mobile-based applications specifically for young people. Their development approach begins with people and paper. They work with users to produce paper prototypes of the service interface based on user stories, their needs and any functional specifications. Prototypes are then tested with young people from the project team, and those young people Neontribe already work with through their own networks.

Neontribe continue to work with young people who will use the end products throughout the development phase. This includes holding regular reviews to prioritise the next stage of development work.


Social Spider is a community interest company that specialise in delivering projects and services with and for people that suffer from mental health difficulties. Amongst their projects includes editing and publishing the ‘One in Four’ magazine, a lifestyle magazine written by people with mental health difficulties, for people with mental health difficulties. This innovative magazine project takes information about mental health, including information about mental health services and medication, and finds ways of addressing it to the needs and concerns that people with mental health difficulties experience.

Company Director Mark Brown has experience of mental health difficulties and will act as a mental health knowledge partner working with young people on the project and with the development team to design, build and help market the products. Mark was also involved in the Innovation Labs process and helped to develop the initial idea of Doc Ready.