(Doc) Ready and Listening: Improving with Your Feedback

Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in Doc Ready


Since launching Doc Ready last month, we’ve had over 6,000 people visit the site and over 400 people have produced and exported a Doc Ready checklist in the first month since launch.

That’s a fantastic start, but the Doc Ready team were keen to get more feedback from the young people using the app. What did they like? What didn’t they like? Do they like the look and feel of the app?

We’ve been running a survey for the last month to gather this feedback (with the added incentive of a few glamorous prizes) and the results are in. We’ll be using this feedback to work out what bugs need fixing and improve Doc Ready for its users.

Thanks to everyone who gave their feedback and the competition winners will be announced shortly. You can still give your feedback even though you’ve missed the competition deadline – just use the Contact Us page to send us your thoughts.

Without further ado, here is your feedback Doc Ready, as told by the young people who use the app.

What do you like about Doc Ready?

“Fabulous idea! Since being involved in the Doc Ready process, I have now started to write letters to my doctor and take them in before my appointment and she thinks it’s great and the relationship has improved and I am now getting more of the help and support I want. I have been going to the doctors for 5 years to do with my mental health and only feel listened to now.”

“How useful it will be to use when i need to talk to the doctor about many things but may forget without writing them down, now i can use doc ready and talk about everything i need to when visiting the gp.”

“This is fantastic! I have not come across anything like this before. I really like the idea of organising the topics and having them to hand. It is so easy to forget what to say or even get embarrassed so a patient could easily hand the document over as a conversation starter. It is also great to see the section on ‘rights’ and ‘confidentiality’ as I think sometimes this can be a grey area and people do not have the important knowledge they are entitled to know!”

“I think that Doc Ready will be awesome for people like me who don’t want to talk to the doctor about my feelings and also things that I forget to mention can be on there.”

“I think you have done a really good job at covering lots of issues. Any problem a young person might be experiencing can be covered in Doc Ready and taken to the GP. And even if it’s not listed, then you can add your own!”

What don’t you like about Doc Ready?

“More information of the actual health issues. If people are borderline on going to the GP they might want some more info on what is actually happening to them.”

“Links in the find a GP section didn’t work. Maybe have a forum or somewhere that they can post questions online? Maybe some information on the conditions? Some quotes or stories from previous sufferer of the diseases to help them feel though they are not alone.”

“The ‘Find a GP’ section didn’t work for me, the post code nor the location utility. Although clean-looking, I found the borders above and below the main body of the page slightly too thick, requiring a lot of scrolling to get around to reading.”

“It would be good to save your checklist. At the moment you have to make it all in one go and can’t add to it at another time.”

“I do not believe that my GP would really use it. I think it’s something he would just ignore and I would have to explain when I get there anyway.”

“Some parts may be a little wordy and intimidating.”

Tell us what you think of how Doc Ready looks

“Layout is nice but I find the questions rather text-heavy and unapproachable. The actual advice is good. The bottom ‘about’ bar limits screen space.”

“The layout is awesome and I really like the interactive dimension of it all. The ability to email/print/download is important so people from different backgrounds and with different resources can access the list too. I also love the fact there is a section for ‘notes’ doing the session. It is very easy to sometimes miss important information so jotting it down is a brilliant idea.”

“It looks amazing. That’s probably my favourite part about it. It’s like insanely less confusing than a .gov site or an NHS site, where there’s so much random information everywhere it’s so confusing.”

Don’t forget! You can give your feedback on Doc Ready by using the Contact Us page.