Celebrating World Mental Health Day with Doc Ready

Posted by on Oct 10, 2013 in Doc Ready

World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day, a day to celebrate the positive aspects of mental health. Run by our partners at the Mental Health Foundation, this year’s theme is around mental health and later life.

Although Doc Ready currently focuses on young people, we’re aware of the enormous problems that loneliness, isolation, dementia and depression can cause for older people.

In fact, on average people aged 55 and over have greater life satisfaction than people aged 25-54, so there is enormous potential that this phase can have in terms of enjoying a full and active later life, as well as maintaining a healthy social involvement in the community.

We know that lots of young people have already been using Doc Ready to get advice, prepare for an appointment, and to help ensure that everything gets discussed in their time with the doctor. But Doc Ready may also be able to help older people and those in later life.

So, we want to hear from people who are in this phase of life. What do you think of Doc Ready? Could Doc Ready be useful for older people and those in later life?

We’ve set up a survey to capture your comments. Although you won’t be able to enter the prize draw to win some fantastic prizes (that part is only open for under 25 year olds) your feedback will still be extremely valuable.

Head here to find out more about Doc Ready and take the survey >>

We’ll finish this post with a great example of older people who are enjoying their later life, to inspire us all on World Mental Health Day.

This is a clip from the film Happy Movie, which features older people in Okinawa, Japan, who are staying active and enjoying a strong sense of connection with the people around them. Enjoy!